List of Publications

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  • Yadav C., Chaudhuri K., Behavior of k-NN as an Instance-Based Explanation Method (Oral) (PDF)

      • Full paper at Advances in Interpretable Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence @ ECML PKDD 2021

  • Yadav C., Bottou L., Cold Case : The Lost MNIST Digits (Spotlight Oral ~2.9%)

      • Full paper at NeurIPS 2019

  • Liu S., Yadav C. et. al. On the design of CNNs for automatic detection of Alzheimer’s disease

      • Full paper at Machine Learning for Health Workshop , NeurIPS 2019

  • Yadav C. et. al. Using Brain MRI Images to predict Memory, BMI & Age

      • 4-page, IEEE HCC 2019